Friday, May 19, 2006

New Comics 5/19

I didn't buy much new this week.

Batman: Year 100 #4- Emotionally satisfying conclusion to a good Batman story. I think Pope played this out just right, and I wonder if he was keyed into the same desire to make the character more accessible as he is on the OYL books. I like how his identity is resolved in the end.

52 Week #2- Like a lot of people reading this, I'm wondering how long I'm going to stick with this series, not that I'm not enjoying it, but the portion control is a bit much. There are a lot of storylines going on, and they don't seem to be connecting anytime soon. I may switch to just buying a month's worth, and then reading all four issues in one go. One critique: the scene with Montoya in bed seemed totally gratuitous...

Young Avengers: Sidekicks TPB- I picked this up on recommendation by one of the CGS guys. I'm about halfway through it, and am enjoying it. The dialogue has a snap to it and it is steeped in enough continuity to reward older readers but won't hinder new readers.


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