Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Current Goings-On

Haven't much felt like writing about comics lately. Not that I'm not enjoying them, it's just been hard to find time to write anything about them. I have ideas for longer posts, which may find their way here someday. For now, here's what I'm enjoying:

World War Hulk and Sinestro Corps War top the list in spandex-centric event-style comics fun. Both have their own strengths, and I have to admit I get a metatexty charge out of competing companies dueling it out with emerald-themed slugfests. I particularly like what Johns and Gibbons have done building on a decades-old Alan Moore short, and has made me realize how much they have rehabilitated the Green Lantern concept in the DCU. Pak, to his credit, has got me interested in the Hulk again, after quitting the title when Peter David left. I just hope both series don't go all pear-shaped like other recent events have, and have satisfying endings.

How is it that Captain America has grown even more interesting without its titular character? I've felt that Brubaker has a long-form arc in mind as far as the Winter Soldier is concerned, but learning that the whole Death of Cap wasn't factored into that plan makes me appreciate his skill even more. He's effortlessly incorporated it into James' journey.

Still reading Iron Fist. It grows on me more and more. It's like a master class on how to reinvent a c-list, period character by focusing and building on that characters inherent strengths rather than starting over from scratch.

Justice Society of America still feels like more of a flagship title than Justice League, though I'm worried about this return to Kingdom Come. Ross is a good artist, but I find his storytelling interests a bit muddled and at odds with his stated objectives. For someone who professes to long for simpler, clear-cut heroes in comics, he sure produces a lot of dark, tortured mediations on those icons.


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