Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back from the Phantom Zone

Yeah, I'm a bad blogger. Took a powder there for a while.

All Star Superman #8 - Weep for Zibarro. Like Kal, he is a one of a kind in his world. Unlike Kal, he is on the planet of his birth. Naturally, he would turn to writing (from what I imagine) incredibly emo poetry. This title is still the most engaging incarnation of Superman I've ever read. Morrison continues to shamelessly embrace all of the whacked-out ideas from previous iterations and weave them into an entertaining whole.

Fallen Son:Iron Man - Honestly, I had no intention of buying into the whole Fallen Son line, but the promise of Cassady art was too much to resist. It's hard too read any of this and not scrutinize every little detail for the loophole that's going to bring Steve back. It's nice that his body is effectively put into a deep freeze for its final rest.

Immortal Iron Fist #6 - Through his work here, I decided to check out his work on Casanova, and I do believe that Fraction is single-handedly trying to save comics from itself. Like Morrison, he's unafraid of embracing goofier concepts other writers might be too cool for (It's Iron Fist, for crissakes!). Also, I like that I feel I get a full issues worth out of each issue.

Justice Society of America #7 - Finally, with this issue, I feel like the story is moving out of both 1) set-up mode or 2) crossover mode. Maybe I'm missing out by not reading the JLA issues, but I already gave that title two issues and it was a little slow paced for me. I don't know. What are the bets that this is the cut-off issue for the first trade? It certainly seems to complete the arc from the first three issues.

Sinestro Corps #1/Green Lantern #21 - For me, Johns seems to be succeeding more with his Green Lantern work. I've been able to hunt down the first twelve issues in dollar bins lately, and I found a pretty good read. Green Lantern's been a dull character for me for far too long, and the 90's Parallax business seemed so cynical at the time. Johns has managed to find an angle to make both the character and the mechanics of the Corps interesting (ably assisted by Gibbons over on Green Lantern Corps).



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