Monday, May 05, 2008

Belated Iron Man Post

I'd be remiss, and risk having my nerd card revoked, if I didn't comment on the Iron Man movie:
  • Probably one of the more rewarding comic book adaptations for the hard core geeks in the audience. I wasn't too sure about Marvel taking over the production role, but it seems to have paid off. They do know how to make a great movie.

  • One of those geektastic moments: When Rhodey looks at that spare suit and says, "next time, baby." Woo hoo!

  • Having a character be just as interesting out of costume as in it. I can't tell you how many times in watching the last Spider-Man movie where I thought "just get to the action. This "story" is boring. Get to the web-slinging."

  • Great supporting cast, and Favreau's no dummy casting himself as Hap Hogan. As he said in a recent radio interview in Los Angeles: "I get to mary Pepper."

  • My girlfriend also liked this movie because "he's not all twisted and has his powers just dumped on him. He makes the choice to do this."

  • Another geektastic moment: watching different iterations of the armor briefly pop up during the paint job scene. First we see an original silver, then all gold, then a red and silver version (Secret War II era) then the final red an gold. Very subtle, very clever.
  • A little humor goes a long way, and actually helps the drama by humanizing the characters. The learning to fly sequences and the interaction with the robot helpers was hilarious, and helped to underline how crazy and dangerous Stark's little side project was.
  • I liked the SHIELD thread throughout as a kind of geek comic relief, and then thought it was awesome that they played a role in the climax and resolution. I totally want to see a SHIELD movie now, also: Captain America, Ant-Man and then The Avengers.
  • Thoughts on the Hulk trailer: Looks good, though I'm not super excited about it. I actually liked the much-maligned Ang Lee version. This one looks all pumped up on steroids, though it could have some nice internal moments with Norton as the lead. Bottom line: If that's the Abomination, I want to see the ear fins, dammit.




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