Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Prospective New Comics: Week of May 7, 2008

Some items that are arriving in shops this week that caught my eye. Final decisions will be made at the shop.

Avengers Invaders #1 - Maybe. I loved the old school 70's series from my youth. I'm curious on how much of the charm will be sucked out and replaced by humorless "realism". Also, it's got Captain America, back from the dead, kinda... Can't imagine he'll be too pleased to find out what's in store for him and Bucky in the future. Awkward.

DC Universe Special: Justice League of America - Are they starting up with these already. Man, they really are trying to soak the readers of the big events nowadays. I'll check it out in the shop. If it's got a writer or artist I'm interested in, I might pick it up. Otherwise, pass.

Invincible Iron Man #1 - Totally on board for this one. I get the feeling Fraction will know how to make Tony someone I can relate to again. Also, it probably kicks ten kinds of ass. P.S. - Son of Stane!?

Secret Invasion #2 - Sure. I liked the first issue enough, though I get the feeling that this is going to go off the rails pretty early. Just a hunch. I'm already tired of trying to figure out who's a skrull and who isn't. Feel like the reveal in the first issue may be a kind of red herring. I don't think all of those folks on that shuttle are the real deal.

War That Time Forgot #1 - Dinosaurs and World War II. Worked before and it's going to work again. Surprised that this didn't happen, say, right after a glimpse of it in New Frontier.

Young X-Men #2 - Felt conflicted about the first issue. May peek between the covers to see if it develops anything interesting, like characters.

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin TPB - Heard good things about this series, plus the covers were just gorgeous. May see how much the trades running and/or start poking into dollar bins for back issues. Unsure. It'll probably come down to packaging.

JLA Presents: Aztek the Ultimate Man TPB - Managed to find the first three issues in dollar bins. Surprised to see this coming out now. Wondering if it's just because of Morrison's role and stature at DC right now as God of All Comics or something... more. Morrison kind of wrapped up this character in his run on JLA, so it would seem like a dead end, promotion-wise. Could Aztek be coming back in some form or another in Final Crisis? Wouldn't put it past him... or them.

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