Saturday, May 27, 2006

X-3: Funeral for a Franchise

Really upsetting in it's dumbassery. I had known it wasn't going to be good when I heard Ratner was going to take it over, but I think I kind of psyched myself out at the last minute. What the hell?

Really missed the mark. Singer knew how to really communicate the essence of the characters, and he also knew how to take them on an arc. Look at the first two movies... they actually tell a story where people grow and change, just like real life. If you never read the books, you would still know everything you needed to know about those characters and that world. X-3 has none of that. It's just plot... and all the characters are there to serve it, and it relies too much on having gotten to know the characters through the first two movies.

Like a good nerd, I did like some things:

- I liked the explanation of the Phoenix. Good way to get around the whole "Cosmic Entity" aspect.
- Fastball Special.
- Kitty Pryde (More for seeing her in action rather than her usage as a wedge between Bobby and Rogue.)
- Beast (Same as above, but replace "as a wedge between Bobby and Rogue" with "as a replacement for Nightcrawler.)
- Wolverine really making use out of that healing factor of his.

Some things that bugged me/made me laugh out loud:

- Xavier dropping the whole "I put blocks in her mind" bit. Felt unnatural, not that he wouldn't do something like that, but that he chose that moment to reveal it to Logan without any kind of provocation.
- Scott totally gets punked and killed off-camera. Wow, Fox must have been pissed at Marsden.
- Logan totally gets punked and made to cry like a baby, twice!
- Magneto needing the whole bridge to get to Alcatraz. Also, it seems there are some missing hours between when he drops the thing and when he turns to attack. Goes from day to night in one cut.
- Depowering Mystique. She was one of the standouts from X2, and I wanted to see more of her.



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