Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nexus Back from the Dead?

I may been hasty earlier. Evidently Baron and Rude have worked out their differences.

My reservations remain in place, though. I'm hoping for a really kick-ass return of one of my favorite comics from the 80's, but I'm a bit wary over whether they'll be able to replicate the quality and tone of the pre-Dark Horse series. Not that I thought the latter issues were terrible (God Con is one of my absolute favorites), it's just that the stories kind of gelled into a holding pattern, with not much change or movement. I always chalked it up to the forsaking of the monthly format in favor for yearly minis. Hopefully, that pattern won't be repeated.

Honestly, I can't think of a better time for this series to make its return. Back in the day, it examined the fine line between mass murderers and the man that was charged to execute them. With everything that's happened in the world since the series parked itself in limbo, I imagine it would be interesting to reopen that old debate.

Also, maybe Sundra can finally give birth to that baby. What's it been? nine, ten years now?


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