Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Comics: Week of Feb. 7, 2007

A kind of comics ennui has settled over me the last few weeks. Not that I don't love comics, but once in a while, I just get bored. Here are some things I bought last week.

52 Weeks 39 & 40 - The series kind of takes a dip here, for me. Maybe I'm just not that into the Steel/Luthor storyline, I don't know. I was a pretty big build up to Luthor getting superpowers, and then nothing really happens. Alternately, I find that the leadup to the four horsemen (and presumably World War 3) kind of tedious. Get on with it, already.

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 - I like the idea of a group like this. It's the supergroup of the Marvel U... it ties together a lot of diverse corners, which can be a good thing given Marvel's eschewing of continuity these last few years. I loved the idea of Dr. Strange in space, casting spells against science. I just wish it had a little more meat in it for as an extensive retcon as this. I admire it's ambition and I hope it lives up to that.

Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil #1 - The one stand-out this week. I can't think of a marriage of style and content that would be any more perfect than having Jeff Smith on Shazam. I don't know if it's my imagination, but it feels like I've been waiting a long, long time for this. So long, in fact, I was beginning to think it was all an urban legend. My one bit of crabbing is the format. I agree with these guys that given such a kid-friendly story, DC might have thought of putting it into a more kid-friendly format/price point. Even as an adult, I thought it was a little high and unnecessary... I mean, as much as I love it, I'm seriously contemplating waiting for the trade on this. Also, and maybe it was just my shop, but every copy I picked up had damage in the interior.

Yeah, I'm pretty grumpy lately. I've also picked up a bunch of trades and independent stuff throughout the week to recharge, so I'll roll out thoughts on that throughout the week.



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