Monday, December 18, 2006

Quick Reviews

Fantastic Four: The End #1 - I like the way David just plunges you into this future world. At first, I thought it was going to be another distoipian take on the future, but it looks like the opposite. Reed has finally transformed the world into a paradise, but at what cost?

I get a funky feeling, though, and not to be too spoilerly, I'm reminded of the old Reed/Doom mind switch story. I'm just sayin'...

JSA #1 - Fun issue, generally. The team is getting some new/old blood. I really like the continuing development of the JSA as a legacy group, that the older heroes feel responsible to the younger ones.

The only thing that marred this issue for me were Ross' comments about Obsidian last week. The comments, taken at face value, don't necessarily point to the man being a homophobe, but they do underscore how he's kind of stuck in the past. His worries about new writers making changes to characters without the consultation of their originators seems kind of backward.

Manhunter #26 - Good kickoff to it's second life/final arc. Kate Spencer is probably one of my favorite heroes right now. It's probably not a good sign that Andreyko is referencing another series that ended before its time, but I appreciate the gesture. Glad I tracked down those issues of Chase a while back.

Newuniversal #1 - I am waiting for my mind to be blown.

I was really anticipating this one, probably as much as the younger version of myself anticipated the original New Universe. Might be a bad sign of letdowns to come.

The Spirit #1 - Fun. Huge fan of Cooke's art, and am so excited to see him on a regular series. It felt a little funny to see someone else helming a Spirit story besides Eisner, but I don't think the man would be disappointed.



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