Sunday, June 18, 2006

Catching Up

Wasn't able to get to the LCS for a few weeks. Real life, and all that.

Got caught up to Week 6 of 52, which confirms my thought that I should wait and read a month's worth in a sitting. The weekly gets a little frustrating, but reading four issues in a sitting feels a bit more rewarding. All of the stories are compelling enough, and it looks like they are going to intersect... I'm getting more of a feeling of an overarching story.

Got Civil War 2... though the spoiler had long been blown by now. It felt a little stunty to me... and others have made the observation that it should all be retconned out in short order, along with the new costume. Still, an interesting story.

Read Action 839 and Superman 653, and thought that it all looked familiar. Than I realized that I had just seen the new Supeman Returns trailer, and it seems to be the same plot (Superman vanishes for a while, returns, CONFRONTED BY WHAT APPEARS TO BE LUTHOR USING KRYPTON TECHNOLOGY, MOST NOTABLY A PIECE OF THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE)... ahem. Didn't realize I was shouting there. Was this all planned out, or some kind of creative serendipity?

I liked Green Lantern Corps 1. I always liked the concept, just never felt that it was executed right. I like the friction within the Corps. They've always been played so straight, so cardboard. It never made sense that so many alien races would serve together so seamlessly. This series kind of plays off of the different viewpoints that have always been missing.


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