Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Comics: 8/27/06

Catching up on some titles this week. Some brief thoughts...

52 Week 15 & 16 - I still think there's more to Supernova... get the sneaky suspicion that he's actually Booster, either an alternate timeline Booster or a version from a different point in time. It's time travel, folks... all bets are off.

There's been some buzz that Montoya may take over the Question's mantle. I'm a bit divided on that. It could be interesting, but I have an attachment to Charlie (mostly due to the underrated Denny O'Neil Question series from the 80's.

Astonishing X-Men #16 - Consistently good series. Beginning to see a convergence of elements from the beginning of Whedon's run. I smell a free-for-all coming. I love that Kitty's shown as strong enough to take center stage. I always felt like she never reached the potential she should have. She's always been treated either like the kid on the team, and the only time she's ever been developed on her own was as a sidekick of Wolverine's.

Beyond #2 - Just a fun title. The art's a little funky for my tastes, but fits the story. Feels like a throwback to my younger days as a Marvel Zombie. I'm curious as to the central mystery... whether this truly is the Beyonder or someone aping his style. The cast seems to be drawn from different points in continuity... or is that my misunderstanding.

Eternals #3 - Low key fun, though am anxious to see where this is going. Interesting that Stark remembers the Eternals, but there's no record of them.

Ultimate FF #32 - Nice characterization of Reed and Doom. Millar subtley reworking all the old tropes of the FF... the Doom/Richards mind switch was an old school classic. I loved the final shot of Doom... so much of his attitude in one line.

Wonder Woman #2 - Good issue, but the whole "first-it's-monthly-now-it's-bimonthly" dance puts me off a bit. Plus, if I'm waiting two months for a title, I'd like a bit more meat, you know? (though, the callback to the TV show at the end was pretty cool).



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