Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Comics & Pet Theories

Finally managing to catch up on new comics from the last few weeks.

52 Weeks 9 to 11- Seems to be losing that post-event glow/urgency/momentum. Finally get to see the debut of the new, much-heralded Batwoman. I think I would have been more excited by this if it was a little more low-key. The whole gay thing doesn't bother me, but what does is the kind of stereotypical tone that's being taken. The whole scene with the Question finding Renee in the gay bar left a bad taste in my mouth, especially in the depiction of the attitude of the bar-goers in general. Also, not really digging the whole "she's a lesbian, but she's still super hot" approach to Batwoman.

Pet Theory: Concerning Booster/Supr Nova... I think they are one in the same, somehow. Either Booster is trying to permanently bury his huckster/opportunist rep for good by replacing himself, or this is some kind of Mirror, Mirror story, where Super Nova is an alternative timeline version of himself... I don't know. Maybe it's in the way that Booster has acted so out of character and is so vexed by Nova's presence... we'll see.

Eternals #2- Moving along. More plot movement. Still compelling. Liked the dilemma at the end... a nice cliffhanger.

Pet Theory: Somehow, the Eternals have all forgotten who they were. It would be formulaic if this was the Deviants doing, and thinking that Gaiman has a curveball in here somewhere, I'm suspecting that the Eternals did this to themselves somehow, whether inetentional or not.

Superman- I don't have access to the issue number, but it's the first post-Up, Up and Away issue. Good, solid, interesting Superman story. Enjoyed Busiek's way of balancing the roles in Clark and Lois's marriage. She holds her own with a guy who can punch planets... it's nice to see what she brings to the relationship rather have her be a damsel in distress. Nice call-back to the beginning of Byrne's reboot all those years ago.

Pet Theory: That Busiek will continue to write good Superman stories. It's not really a theory.... though I suspect he will concentrate on what he does so well: grounding these fantastic, unearthly characters so that the reader will be able to relate.

Manhunter #24- Awesomeness. Good payoff to this storyline. Snappy writing and fluid art. Quickly one of my most favorite monthlies. Please don't let them cancel it.

Pet Theory: It will be cancelled... but brought back all sexed-up. That, or they'll transfer the character to one of the group titles, like JSA.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters- Not fair... I'm halfway through it. I was just too tired. The preview for this series was one the best things about Brave New World, but this first issue wasn't holding my attention the way it should. Plus, knowing how much was inspired/dictated by Morrisson's ideas, I feel a little cheated... not that the writing is bad, it's just... you know, hold off on this. Like I said, I was tired.

Pet Theory: I'll get some sleep, and in three months, this will be my favorite book.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Randy said...

So, I was reading some Meltzer comments on the JLA/JSA stuff. Seemed like Stargirl was staying in the JSA. I don't see 2 staff girls in the same club. Even though Manhunter/Kate Spencer has all the JSA connections, I may be seeing a JLA joining. (Crossing Fingers).
I love the Manhunter series- and excellent ending to this arc.


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