Monday, March 26, 2007

Comics: Week of Mar. 21 2007

52 Weeks 44-46 - So the plot against Black Adam comes into focus, somewhat. I feel a bit disoriented. With all the talk about WW III and the Countdown weekly coming up, I was thinking that the Four Horsemen would somehow be major players/instigators, but they were merely bait to get at Adam. With all the new ads asking me if I've figured out 52, I have to profess that I'm lost. Not that that's a bad thing, I guess. I just hope it's more emotionally resonant than Civil War ended.

What will likely happen is that while the central question to 52 may be answered, it will ultimately end up asking many more, and those will have to be answered by successive events and minis.

JSA #4 - Relatively evisceration-free issue. The opening storyline feels truncated by this resolution, as it seems it's more about getting the team together than about the plot against them. Still, I admire the new direction, the clarity of purpose this title has. Before the restart, it was just cool to read about these great characters that nobody wanted anything to do with for a long time. Now, there's more of a purpose to be together.

Also, the Ross cover for this issue seemed especially warm. I'm on the fence over these black velvet paintings he's been doing... they all seem a bit too cold, too removed from the personality of the characters. Having Ted giving his son a noogie surprised me when I saw it.

Manhunter #29 - Did I hear that this title's been uncancelled again? As much as I've been underwhelmed by the (formerly) final story arc, I still want to see more.

It's not that the story's bad, it's got a lot of great moments and ideas to it. It seems awkwardly paced and choppy. The cutting between Kate, Chase and Mark's stories seems entirely disconnected and random. I'm interested in them all, but I think that in light of trying to bring a sense of resolution to each character in anticipation of the series ending, the focus is scattered.

The Spirit #4 - Just solid. Quickly becoming the best comic in my eyes. It's a good sign when I sit down and can't blow through this title like I can with others. It's deceptively dense in it's storytelling, and I always find myself slowing down to savor the experience.




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