Saturday, May 10, 2008

Emergency Comic Shop Project

I didn't plan on posting my first Comic Shop Project until Monday, but this is an emergency.

Anyone reading this in the Los Angeles/Ventura area will want to make their way to Flying Dog Comics. The store is going out of business after about two years. I was out driving today, looking for new comic shops when I found it. Too bad my first visit will also be my last.

Seems like a good store. Long story short, the owner's selling everything in stock for 50% off. A competitor is buying his leftover stock after the store closes for 25 cents on the dollar, so he's trying to burn off as much as he can before then, and two quarters beats one.

The selection is great. Sadly, this is a young store, so everything is fresh and clean. I ended up buying a bunch of recent floppies and four trades. I'm kicking myself already for what I didn't buy.

So, if you like a deal, and want to help this guy out, get yourself up there. He said that the sale would go on through Sunday and that the store closes Tuesday, most likely. I don't know if the sale will continue past Sunday.

Flying Dog Comics
9820 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 700-0200‎

[EDIT 5/11]

The shop was closed Sunday, so there may have been some misconception on my part. It might be worth a call to see if the sale will continue Monday and Tuesday.



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