Monday, September 11, 2006


I don't have much to say today that hasn't been said better by others before now. The other side of that coin is that I feel strange just letting this day pass without some kind of reflection, some acknowledgement.

Even five years later, the events seem too big to fit in my head, too big to properly understand. It sounds trite, maybe a little immature, but I could only relate to that day in terms I was familiar with, that I had at hand. The fake realities that I had immersed myself in since I was a child had abrubtly made a leap from their four-colored pages, and super-villainry was made real.

The world is rarely as black-and-white as it was that day. I mourn the losses we suffered that day, and every day since. I ask: Do we honor those fallen with our actions?

There was a moment, and it bears reminding, there was a moment in time where we could have changed the world for the better. We had the entire free world on our side, and we could have worked with them to make great changes. As much as I mourn the fallen, here on that day, and abroad since, I also mourn what could have been. I dream and I ask the fundamental question of all dreams:

"What if?"


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