Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ROM is Here!

For a toy tie-in, Rom was pretty cool. As a kid, I passed on the toy, but loved what they did with the comic. I understand that licencing rights prevent Marvel from reprinting the series, though I'm not sure if the cost to relicence is flat-out cost-prohibitive or merely part of some corporate policy to not invest in creative work that, ulitmately, belongs to someone else.

Regardless, it's a series I would seriously consider buying if put out as an Essential. To me, Essential collections are ideal for mid to low-level stuff from the seventies and eighties, like Dazzler, Iron Fist, Champions, etc. It's a cheap format, so there's not a sense of paying too much for material that's just shy of the gold standard but is also hard to find. Nobody held on to their copies of, say, Crystar, unless they were Michael Golden completists. I think titles like Rom have enough of a cult following spurred by a sense of nostalgia that it would be profitable despite the hassle of dealing with new licencing. I mean, how much could it be? The toy died a quick death... it would be an easy argument that the comic is far more recognizable than the product that spawned it. There could be leverage there, Marvel.

So with that, I join the movement. All hail our leader, Mr. Sims.