Thursday, June 29, 2006

New (and Old) Comics 6/28

Picked up the final issues to the story arcs running through both Superman and Batman books. I have to say that Busiek's story had a much more satisfying conclusion. Robinson's felt too saddled with the idea of getting everything back to the status quo, and lacked some of the sharp wit that his stories had before his sojourn from comics the last few years. I have to admit, though, that Bruce's idea of helping Robin at the end was an inspired way of bringing back an old school element and upping the ante, so to speak.

Brave New World was kind of a mixed bag. To be honest, barring the Freedom Fighters revival, none of these stories look interesting. I'm a liitle apprehensive about what the hell they're doing to J'onn... to me, he's kind of the bedrock of the DCU, the one constant. You can do what you want to the others... you can give Superman a mullet again for all I care, just leave J'onn alone. Besides, hasn't this kind of been done before. Sure feels like it.

And what's up with bringing back that guy(s) at the end? Seems a little "jump-the-shark" to all the reality realigning going on lately. Sometimes, a character should stay dead.

I ashamed to admit that I've totally missed Manhunter up til now. It was always on my "meant to pick up" list. I got the trade a few months ago and loved it. Given there probably won't be any more trades, it's back to the old school hunting down back issues. I found the four issues that came out OYL, and read them in a sitting. If it ends up cancelled, I at least hope the character lives on, perhaps through the JSA. Also, if it's cancelled, it's probably my fault...



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