Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Audio: Mark Millar Interview

I just finished listening to this interview on Word Balloon with John Siuntres.

I was kind of one of those readers who were on the fence about Millar since I read Wanted. That work, in particular, seems to divide readers as to whether its genius or a poke in the eye to comics fans. I personally liked it, but always felt shaky as to why... it's hard to come away and not feel a little mocked by the last page of that miniseries.

I've come away from hearing this interview with more of a mental picture of the writer, which is always helpful. Millar comes across as charming, humble and, most importantly, his love of comics is fully evident (maybe it's the Scottish accent).

Siuntres, as always, does a great job. They don't go into the whole Civil War lateness issue, which is fine by me. My favorite part is when Millar discusses his first experience reading Spiderman as a kid. I won't spoil it, but it made me laugh, then it really made me think about Millar's work in general, and how he's carried that experience through his work over the years.

Anyway, if this is your kind of thing, give it a listen.


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