Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Comics: 9/9/2006

52 Week #17 & #18 - It seems like things are settling in, and the writing is lingering a bit more on each separate story, which is good. I'm feeling less and less like I need to wait until I have four issues in hand before I continue reading. Favorite bits: I never really liked him, but I'm oddly happy about seeing Lobo again. I also liked how Buddy's story is being incorporated, mainly his experiences under Morrisson's run... Who says once you go Vertigo, you can't come back again?

Agents of Atlas #1 & #2 - I always liked the idea of that old 50's team. This is a pretty fun comic, and it looks like they're playing with the unreliability of the Marvel Universe a bit... which could work. I have the feeling that all of the characters have some kind of relationship, some connection that existed before they teamed up.

All-Star Superman #5 - Consistently good, if not great. Each issue stands alone, yet moves the larger plot along.

Beyond! #3 - Something needs to kick into high gear soon. Not that I'm against a good cliffhanger, but it's getting a bit monotonous... and the only major development is happening on the last page of each issue. I'd like to get an idea of where this is all going, where this randomness is going.

The Escapists #1 & #2 - Nice post-modern bit of storytelling. I always liked Chabon's conceit that Kavalier and Clay were real, after a fashion. It makes sense since he borrowed so much from real comics creators. I haven't read a lot of BKV, but I might want to check out more of his work now. I thought this was a pretty inventive. The previous series seemed bogged down by the fictional history of the character, so having new creators come in and try to revive the character makes my metacontextual senses tingle.

Tingle, I tell you.



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