Thursday, September 14, 2006

New(ish) Comics: 9/13/2006

Didn't really see much at the old LCS this week that was new, so I picked up a few items I missed in the last few weeks. I got Justice League of America #1 and the second issue of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters... but I'll read those later.

52 Week #19 was the only "new" comic I picked up this week, and the only one I read right away. I thought I was ready to read it as a stand-alone, forsaking my established policy of waiting until I have at least two weeks in hand. Wasn't ready, as it turns out, though it's getting better.

This Booster story ain't over, and I'm wondering what the hell's going on with Skeets. It seems like he/it has an agenda, and I'm wondering what it is. Meanwhile, a new dimension has been added to the possible identity of Supernova... something that hadn't occurred to me.

I'm wondering if Supernova is going to become more central to the overall plot of 52. He could be a lot of people... I thought he might be Booster, Wonder Girl thought he was someone else... and with all of the missing heroes, he might be a MacGuffin, or he might even be the Big Bad (though that might piss me off... so predictable). If 52 is about the whole year- without- the- trinity- but- not- a- year- without- heroes idea, then Supernova, the new, unknown hero, seems likely to take some kind of central role.

Plus, it'd be cool if he was some kind of zombified Superboy under there.



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